52 Rolls, Week 3 – Reset

My plan for the 52 rolls project, like many of you,  is to try to shoot a roll every week, within the week and post it a day or two later. I have 18 different film cameras, a couple of pinholes and a coffee can solargram to use and plan to use each one for one roll and then move onto the next.

A slight problem with this intention is that some of the cameras still have film in them. So, this weeks post contains pictures from two rolls, from two different cameras as I finish off the film that’s been in them for some time.

First up is a roll of Fuji Superior 800 (shot at 400) in a LOMO LC-A (and pulled in the lab). These cameras may be trendy, but unless you have a good one, their results can be pretty average. Mine isn’t a good one.

The first frame was shot in August 2013 and the last, on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, the last frame is a 10-shot multi-exposure as something appears to have gone wrong with the wind-on mechanism, evidenced by a couple of chewed up sprocket holes.

The second roll was shot with a Canon EOS5 between March last year, and last Saturday. It was loaded with AGFAPhoto Vista Plus 200, or ‘pound shop film’.

Both rolls were processed by AG PhotoLab in Birmingham. I posted them during my lunch break on Thursday and got them back on Saturday morning, and I paid £2.99 a roll – a great service.

Looking at these pictures, and my previous two blog entries, it strikes me that my film photographs are snapshots, and a long way removed from my digital stuff. If anything, the idea of manual cameras being a slower, more methodical process is completely reversed in my case.

Everyone is looking for something different from this project I guess, but addressing this is one of my aims – to narrow the gap in quality and subject matter between the two technologies…

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  1. I don’t know your process, but could it be because with digital you can get instant feedback in the moment and iterate until you get your final, best image, whereas with film you’re not getting that feedback? Maybe instant film would be an interesting medium.

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