Ian Nutt “More News from Nowhere”

A blog post about me!


I’m Ian. I live just outside Leicester, UK and work ‘factory hours’, doing things far less interesting than making photographs. That means that at this time of year, I see very little daylight, so I’ve had to learn how to shoot at night and in very low light. I’ve learnt the way that secrets can be revealed (and hidden) by artificial light sources and the way that man manipulates his environment with light. I’ve also begun to see how a photographer can show the effects of this light in different ways, to tell ones own story.

These pictures form part of my nascent ‘More News From Nowhere‘ set that combines my taste for robust concrete architecture, shooting at night and the new (new) topographic work that I’m enjoying thoroughly at the moment. People like Jeff Brouws, Patrick Joust and Will Steacy combine these elements so well in the…

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