She’s Only 21

Today is new (old) camera day! Hooray! etc.

Having seen posts by a number of my friends and contacts who have recently bought old Canon film cameras to use with their more modern lenses, it seemed like a sensible idea and so I been keeping a look-out for a while. Today I took delivery of a EOS 5 with VG-10 grip (and a battery, just in case).


The camera has a very plasticy feel after using the 5D2 for so long, but with the grip fitted, it has the best fit in my hand of any camera I’ve ever used. My copy has had ‘the treatment’ that means that the famous sticky-grip issue has been fixed. So far I’ve only used it with the lightweight Canon 50mm f/1.8 (the one that fell off the shelf and damaged itself a few years ago) and had a quick wander round the block with a roll of Kentmere, but everything looks to be as it should.

I blew through the roll quickly before processing and scanning just to make sure focus and metering were ok. Next up, I’ll try it with a better lens and some decent film, maybe even that roll of Ektachrome 64 that I’ve been saving for a rainy day…





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