Personal Work – More Cycling Pictures


It’s cyclocross season. I think cyclocross is the most photogenic of all cyclesport, especially if it’s muddy. Yesterday’s event was the latest round in the West Midlands League and I went along to shoot riders from my club in action. My pictures were also used in the race report on the British Cycling website.

Because I’m cheap, I don’t have the WordPress account that lets me embed a Flickr slideshow. You’ll have to click here to see the set I took yesterday.

I’m still finding it difficult to go to shoot an event like this and to complete exercises at the same time. It would have been a good opportunity to do the Sequence of Composition practice, but once I was there and shooting, I was too busy getting these shots to think about coursework. Given the limited daylight for the next few months, I really need to concentrate on making the most of these trips.



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