Exercise – Shutter Speeds

I missed this exercise on the way by and so have returned to run through it. It has been raining now for days and so I decided to try to do this exercise indoors and without the aid of someone wandering around the frame. Instead, I tried something different, and maybe not entirely what the exercise asked for, by using a record that rotates rather than passing laterally in front of the camera. The vinyl was clear with what looked like spilt milk running through it.

These exposures range from 1/8000s (we were asked to use the fastest available to us. The ISO is high and the depth of field very thin) through to 4.0s. The record is rotating at 33 1/3 rpm, or 1.8 seconds per revolution. At 1/125s, the writing on the label is still frozen when viewed at normal screen resolution. 1/40s shows movement and at 1/10s, the disc has completed 1/20 of a revolution and both the edges of the ‘milk’ and the label text are blurred as you’d expect.

At 1 second, the disc has done more than half a revolution and at 4 seconds, 2.2. The stripe through the clear vinyl has been recorded at all points and the disc appear solid white. I’m not 100% on my maths, but the evidence contained in the photographs seem to back up my calculations.

In case you’re wondering, and I know you were, the record is the fantastic Modular Living by Eat Lights Become Lights. I bought it from the band earlier in the week. They were good enough to sign it and I’ve played little else since it arrived… Click on the big, white arrow below and enjoy them for yourselves.

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