Tak Edwardia?

As promised a couple of posts ago, it’s time to post up a few pictures from the first roll through the Holga.
I had the film developed at Peak Imaging in Sheffield who performed a super-quick turn-around, but not quite quick enough to get them delivered back more than 30 minutes before we left for the airport. I just had time to scan them but not enough to straighten them up or remove the crap that seems to be stuck to the glass on my scanner.
Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with the results. The double exposures that I took at last Thursday’s Leicester Forest time trial almost did what I expected, as did the one taken on my commute. The simultaneous view of the ruins I ride past and the bike I’m riding on. Looks like the peacock that I snapped as I rode by hadn’t seen a Holga before either…
My favourite though is the panda portrait. I’ve been doing them for years, but this is probably the first time on film…

I realise this lo-fi style is not to everyone’s taste and there is a danger of flying close to the borders of Hipsterdom, so I’ll keep this in mind and limit the aount of these pictures I load on here.
If you do want more, keep an eye on flickr…

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