Lubi, Lubi, Lubi, Lubi

Further to my post of a few days ago about messing around with ‘toy’, film cameras, the one I have been really waiting for has arrived.
Thanks to a really nice lady on eBay, I now have a Lubitel 166 Universal to add to the Holga and the Action Sampler to take on our trip to Poland. I’ve had an quick play with it, but look forward to using it around Poland as I think the LOMO style will suit the subject matter.

The serial number tells my that it was produced in Leningrad (some say St Petersburg) in 1993, but from the condition, it could have been built last week.
Unpacking it was exciting in itself as it came with both the original Russian box as well as the ‘Western’ packaging, complete with its spelling mistakes and ropey colourscheme.
Next came a fantastic pink canvas bag that smelt like a loft or the inside of an MGB, before finally getting to the plastic loveliness of the camera.
A quick test proved that everything was in working order and even the little magnifying lens was intact in the viewfinder housing.

First the 'Western'box... ...then the Russian box...
...then the canvas bag (that smells like a classic car)... ...and finally the Lubi.
There is an irony that I fully approeciate in the fact that I have downloaded an iPhone application so that I can use my phone as a light meter when using this camera. I hope to find a period light meter in Poland, assuming that all the old Soviet camera gear has not already been exported to the West.
Anyway, I’ll post the results as soon as I have some to show you…

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