Mass’Tache – IT’S TOMORROW!

That’s right ‘TashFans, Leicester’s 2nd Critical Mass ride is just 24 hours away.

We’ve already had 87 of you lovely people tell us that you’re coming along.
The day before last month’s ride we were at 60 and ended up with 100 on the night, so who knows how big this one’ll be. Spread the word. Bring your friends and family. If they’re not Facebook users then send them here:

As a reminder, the ride is for anyone who has a bike and wants a friendly, fun ride through the city’s streets in the safety of (huge) numbers. Along the way we’ll make as much noise as we can and show those grumpy drivers that there is an alternative to their daily commuting frustrations.
We’ll take a similar route to last month’s although we have had to tweak it a little because of the roadworks near the station. If anything, I think this month’s route is even better.

In case you missed it, this month’s theme is the Mo, or Moustache. To tie in with Movember (, we invite you to decorate your bike, yourself or just your top lip with whatever kind of mo you like.
There are prizes for the best real top-lip insulation, the top top-lip toupe and most-marvellous machine-mounted mo. Having seen the effort that went into the fancy dress last month, I can’t wait to see these tomorrow.

Our friend Andy ( is raising money for Movember and has grown a fantastic ‘tache this month. If you would like to support Movember and help raise money for prostate cancer charities, make sure you bring a quid for his collecting bucket tomorrow night.

So that’s it. We’ll see you at Curve at 6 on Friday evening. Whatever the weather, we’ll be there, so wrap up warm, bring your lights, your bell and your mo and come get the fun!

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