Leicester Critical Mass – Mass’Tache. 26th Movember 2010.

The latest from those nice people at Leicester Critical Mass…
Leicester’s second critical mass is all set for the 26th. If you came to the first one on 29th of October you’ll know how much fun everyone had…as much a mobile flash-mob as celebration of cycling. Join us and let’s keep the momentum going…

An evening of dapper/diva cycling, dandyism and critically… Moustaches.
Spivs, porn-stars, dandies, 70’s tv detectives, Victorian gentlemen, Mexican bandits, WWII dictators, pubescent teenage boys – all kinds of iconic/ironic figures need apply…
Use your imagination and decorate your face, your clothes and your bike …and rock up at Curve on the last Friday of Movember for another fantastic evening ride

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