operation white-eye

in preparation for our attempt at ‘the round’ and because it wasn’t sitting in front of the tv, i took my bivvy gear started my commute to work 8 hours early. i left the house at 10 and walked for 45 minutes before finding a suitable spot. i was high above the city with a clear view east for the sunrise…

a couple of daft mistakes meant that my night’s sleep wasn’t as good as it could have been. having said that, if the ice particles dropping off the inside of the tarp like snow hadn’t fallen onto my face and woken me up, i might have missed the spectacular moon.

dawn, coffee, sunrise and the remaining 5 miles to work.

flap, flap, flap
this one shows the locals exactly where i was
there is a byelaw here somewhere banning red bivvy bags…

the forecast said -2 and the wind blew a hooligan all night, but ‘operation white-eye’* was great and i’ll be out there again soon…

*this is what a fella at work called my trip. white-eye being the local tramp.
it made me laugh.


  1. I'm loving these micro-adventures (although they seem to be rapidly becoming not so micro) and I would love to sleep up on Bradders but I am a wimp. Keep 'em coming!


  2. That is beautiful! I like your idea of camping out on a work night. I noticed that you are using a tarp for your shelter. I'm thinking about picking up an inexpensive tarp for my first S24o, although with the weather warming up as quickly as it is here I may need mosquito netting as well.


  3. There should be a byelaw banning red bivi bags in the lowlands! :0)
    Nice blog. I found you on Alastairs and enjoyed the read.


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