i’m weird

i’m weird because i get up a bit earlier and walk to work

i’m weird because i’d sooner see views like these than the back of the car in the queue in front

i’m weird because instead of rushing home to sit in front of the tv, i walked home again

walk in
a huge moon was showing the way
walk in
the steam comes from where they make walker’s crisps, 24 hours a day…
walk in

walk in
this is the dawn sun coming through the windows of an ancient greenhouse
walk in
even the village where i work looks great on a morning like today


  1. Yep – love it. I wish I'd got my camera with my this morning – clear blue sky, sun rising on one horizon, while the moon was setting on the other. It might still be cold enough to make a brass monkey inquire at the 'mens clinic' for a brazing set, but spring's definitely just around the corner!


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