well, i did it!*
10,006km in a year. sure it isn’t the 30,000km+ that eddy merckx used to ride. neither were they all done quickly, efficiently or even stylishly. but i feel very satisfied that having set the target, i have achieved it.
sometimes it has meant riding when i would rather have stayed in bed. but then i would have missed the special sunrises, the close encounters with owls, bats and badgers. i’d be heavier. my legs wouldn’t look so good. i’d have less friends. i’d have less money. and i’d be unhappy!

highlights have been:

  • riding in holland on a trip arranged for my birthday by gosia. it was like a utopian dream of how cities should look and how bikes can be practical, daily transport.
  • riding with gosia to work and her buying a decent bike – she even mastered clipless pedals! i hope we will ride together much more in ’09.
  • joining a club and riding the saturday morning cafe runs. the banter is often hilarious.
  • PBs. my first time trial ride of the year was a personal best and so was the last. there were a couple in between too. the last one is probably most special as it was so much quicker than i had ever gone before.
  • riding a 25. hard work but not as had as i’d expected. definitely something i’ll do again next year.

and so to the summary:
pannier panda
the kaffenback. the real hero of the year. 4932km in 144 rides. i’d never really built a bike to be so practical, always considering form over function, but racks, panniers, mudguards and lights can look good in their own way.

the pompino. 1395 fixed km in 50 rides – including the 10,000th km. always my favourite bike. this year, to add to its previous duties as a commuter, crosser and tourer it actually got raced – with 24’02” best for a ten mile time trial and on a hill climb

where does that go?
2619km in 39 rides. the bianchi is still a thing of beauty but i just can’t love it. bought in may on the company’s cyclesheme, it is the most i’ve ever spent on a complete bike and introduced me to a whole new level of road bike performance. some long rides on it, the longest of which was the 200km for macride charity.

puncture picture 2
715km on the inbred on 39 rides. it hasn’t really been a mountainbiking year. the rides i have had have been frustrating because i have been so out of practice and my skills have gone. the first ride of ’09 will be on it and i’m looking forward to it already!

raleigh popular
salvaged in june my pop has only been out 8 times but every one has been a demonstration of style and thoroughly enjoyable. always hard work but always fun

i’m not sure if i’ll bother with such a target in ’09. maybe i’ll go for smiles not miles. or maybe set ‘performance targets’. or maybe i’ll just get out and ride at every opportunity!


*assuming i make the 8.5km home from work later


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