-3.6 degrees

as i’ve mentioned several times in my journal, sometime in april or may this year i decided that it might be possible for me to ride 10,000km in the year. my previous best was 5,200km but i had a good start to the year and it is important for a man to have targets…
so here i am with one day to go and 11km to do. this means that i can take the short route to work tomorrow and shortly after leaving to come home i’ll pass the 10.000 mark.
i’m expecting: fireworks, ticker tape and carol vorderman.
i’ll probably get: cut up by another driver who hasn’t bothered scraping the ice off his windows.
today was a cold commute. 61km below zero. so cold in fact that the water in my bottle had turned to slush-puppy (albeit, without the crazy bubblegum flavouring).

the cloud around my light here is my breath.

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  1. Congratulations! I hope there’s at least a cup of tea waiting at home to commemorate the event! And you can always hurl that frozen water bottle after that driver–it could probably break a window at least.

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