Viewfinder Vikings 2.0 (well, 2.1)

Hopefully you’ll know by now that I’m the occasional other half of the Viewfinder Vikings Podcast. Despite our high hopes, we’ve not recorded an episode since March because… well, 2020!

That all changed last week when Svein recorded a conversation with FStoppers contributor, YouTube celebrity and all round good guy Hans Rosemond.

We called this episode one of the ‘new season’ as we’re hoping it’ll be the start of something of a relaunch for the show; we’re already excitedly discussing what’s next. Take a listen on the player below and make sure that you subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. That way you’ll be first to know about the next one, whenever it might appear…

Episode 1 – Hans Rosemond, The King of Kallitype Viewfinder Vikings Podcast

In this first episode of the new season, we chat to Hans Rosemond, who has inspired alot of analog shooters through his youtube channel over the years. I knew i had to talk to him as soon as i saw his videos on Kallitype printing. We chat about life and stuff at first, and then switch to alternative printing. Hope to chat even more with Hans some day! Enjoy the season opening! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Episode 1 – Hans Rosemond, The King of Kallitype
  2. Episode 24 – I Am Not A Street Photographer.
  3. Episode 23 – A Couple of Podcasts Recommendations
  4. Episode 22 – Free Film!
  5. Episode 21 – Cathal McNaughton

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