Night-time on Frog Island

I have a friend who is a ‘proper’ photographer. In stark contrast to my haphazard, eclectic and ever-changing output, he thinks about what he’s doing and spends years on projects; researching, planning and shooting his work before finally working out the best way to share it. The results reflect the effort and commitment invested in them.

Occasionally, we’ll meet up, have a beer or two and moan about how old we’re getting, before heading out to take some pictures together. I know how his finished work will feel, so when I stand next to him shooting a scene, I can mentally fill the distance between what’s in front of us, and how the final image might look. It’s hugely educational for me, giving lessons on having a vision of what story you’re trying to tell with pictures before you make them, rather than cobbling a narrative together after the event.

Last week we met, moaned about Brexit for an hour and then took to the streets of one of Leicester’s abandoned industrial areas named Frog Island. I took along my Canon EOS5, a broken Sigma 50 and roll of Bergger Pancro 400 (shot at iso1600), using the inbuilt flash.
Here I offer you a few frames that try to imply the bleak, uneasy nature of spending time in this part of town at night.

Cory‘s pictures will be better…EOS5 Bergger125EOS5 Bergger132EOS5 Bergger127EOS5 Bergger126EOS5 Bergger144

EOS5 Bergger138EOS5 Bergger137EOS5 Bergger136


Canon EOS5, Bergger Pancros 400 shot at iso1600. Processed in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X for 18 minutes! Scanned at home.

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