A Skye Adventure

14103620474_23db046ca0_kI realised that I’d never posted this video on the blog, so thought I’d do it now. When I made it, my GoPro was still new to me and I’d not quite learnt about creating films that fit with people’s attention span!

But if you’ve got a little time, you can watch my account of an 11 day sea-kayaking trip to Skye, in a 16 year old VW plumber’s van. The trip included a 3 day voyage around the islands of Raasay and Rona and a couple of days of walking the tourist trails. There’s a lot of driving in the film because Scotland is so damn far away!

Skye from Barnaby Nutt on Vimeo.


You can see the locations shown in the film on the Track My Tour log I created during the trip, and there are a few more pictures over on Flickr.





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