Leicester Festival – Lantern Parade

We’re in the middle of Leicester’s annual City Festival week (and a bit) and there are all sorts of things going on around the city including beer festivals, art exhibitions, Oktoberfest, outdoor cinema, the Mela and the city’s SkyRide. Another was the lantern parade up New Walk, and ancient thoroughfare from the city centre to Victoria park.

The parade started at 8pm and so it was already getting dark. Add in a route through a tree-lined alleyway, and I feared that my Portra 800 film wasn’t going to be fast enough. So I set the controls for 3200 and pushed it a couple of stops, still not getting much beyond f/4.

As expected, the results are a bit grainy, with some ‘muddy’ shadows, but it was fun to use my new camera in a crowd…


Leica M6, Kodak Portra 800 shot at 3200, pushed 2 stops in processing by FilmDev and scanned there too.

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