Valle de Arriba

After three posts (1, 2 and 3) and five rolls of film, I’m sure you’re losing patience with my holiday pictures of Tenerife. Well, like it or not, I have one last roll to share with you…

The delivery of chemicals I’d been waiting for arrived and so I was able to process the Neopantastic Acros that I’d shot while away.

Incidentally, when I was ordering chemical, I plumped once more for Ilford Ilfotec HC. It’s the developer that I was given when I was first shown the process 5 years or so ago. Since then it’s all I’ve used, regardless of which film I’m using and despite the bewildering array of alternatives. Acros is my favourite film and HC seems to work with it, despite it not appearing on Fujifilm’s list of suitable chemicals. Do I just have low standards? Could my pictures really look so much better if I followed the internet forum advice and used different syrup for each different film? Or are the gains similar to those found by buying speaker cable that costs £50/m rather than £30?

Anyway, these pictures were taken in the Valle de Arriba (literally the Valley Above). The village of the same name nestles in the foothills below El Teide at around 1100m. It narrowly escaped the forest fires that swept this part of the island in 2012, and my pictures were taken in the barren fields that sit above the village. This area sees a little rainfall (it was spotting with rain while I was there) and so is cultivated for cereals crops. Or at least it was before the fires. Now, only cactus and sickly looking bushes grow between the broken down walls and rusty fences that used to separate the crops.

A couple of kilometers along the track that climbs out of the village, one reaches a 4m high wall of solidified lava that stretches up towards a rounded peak that must have once spouted it. Set into this wall is a memorial made of gritty, black volcanic rock. In the low, grey cloud, it felt an atmospheric place that was already difficult enough to live in without volcanoes and fires.untitled-6untitled-12untitled-8untitled-7untitled-10untitled-11untitled-9untitled-4untitled-3untitled-5So that’s it, the last of the six rolls I shot in Tenerife. Thanks for watching.untitled-2untitled-1


Yashica-Mat 124G with iPhone metering. Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100. Processed at home in Ilfotec HC for 6 minutes at a 1:31 ratio. Scanned by me too.

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