Week 14: Balda Goes Kayaking

My latest post over on the 52Rolls Project blog…

52 rolls

I shot 2 films during week 14, one roll of Portra is off to the lab tomorrow, the other was a roll of Ilford HP5+ shot through a Baldixette. ‘Shot through a what?’ I hear you ask…

The Baldixette, by Balda, was made in the 50s in West Germany. It was given to me by a guy in a pub who knew my blog and thought I might be able to put it to some use. I shot one roll with it and then dropped it in a shoe box where I keep other camera bits and pieces that I’m unlikely ever to use again.

I decided to use it today as I was going to be taking pictures while kayaking. I needed a camera that if I dropped it into the river, I wouldn’t be too upset. Indeed with the Balda, the film was probably worth more than…

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