The Modernist

By now you’re sure to have heard, but just in case I didn’t already bore you with it, I’ve had a piece published in The Modernist.

The Modernist magazine is a quarterly, printed publication about 20th century modernist architecture and design, published in the North of England and now spreading its tentacles across the world. As you’d expect, the magazine is a stylish, carefully thought out publication, and while it has a website, it prides itself in the fact that you can go into a real shop, pay real money and walk out with a real copy (I subscribe and so get a real postman to screw it up before pushing it through my real letterbox, which is a real ball-ache.)Unit A 11

Anyway, I submitted an article a few months ago after seeing their appeal for work to include in the Forgotten issue (each year is a different letter – 2016’s themes all begin with F). My article is a reworking of this blog post which was about the demise of Leicester’s New Walk Centre. I took 12 pictures of the buildings while they were still standing using a Chinese toy camera. I left the film in the camera, rewound it, and shot the same 12 views five months later, once the buildings had been flattened.

While I’ve had quite a few photographs published in magazines, this is the first time that I’ve had ‘words and pictures by…’. To make it all the more exciting, not only does Jonathan Meades contribute to the same issue, but Johnny flippin’ Marr is the Modernist’s patron. I imagine that he’s far too busy being a guitar legend and musical genius to read the every article, but just imagine if he did…

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