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On October 13th, Martha and I took part in the fifth annual Worldwide Photowalk. The Leicester edition was organised by John Toye of the Leicester People’s Photographic Gallery.

The idea of the walk is that the leader comes up with a route around each city that’ll throw up some photographic opportunities and anyone that’s interested can sign-up and go along. What I didn’t realise at the time is that it is sponsored by Scott Kelby, an author and publisher of photography books and is a competition to win some of his products.

I gave Martha my old 350D and planned to use the walk as a chance to teach her a few of the basics. After a steady start, she really got into it and ended up taking 420 pictures in the couple of hours we spent wandering the city – some of them were really quite good.

By contrast, I got home with only 20 shots. Most of them were from my Spinner, including my favourite below.

Photowalk spinner
As we walked by one of Leicester’s many (many) abandoned commercial properties, I saw a broken window and had a look inside. It was just an empty room with a bit of graffiti but the hole in the glass was just big enough to get my camera through and pull the cord.
If you click the picture, you’ll go to Flickr and be able to see it bigger. What I really like about it is that you can see Martha looking in through the window too…
Anyway, one of the other pictures I shot was taken in Castle View, under St Mary de Castro church. By now, we were towards the back of the crowd which was getting quite strung out. Many of my fellow walkers were shooting a group of artists that were painting and drawing the Castle Gate. 
Not Martha and I though. We had been talking earlier on the walk about how we both liked kicking through fallen leaves in Autumn. We decided that it wasn’t as good as making tracks in fresh snow, but not far off.
When we saw the leaves that had been wind blown into small piles, our next photo op was obvious…
Autumn Colour
I’m delighted to say that John selected this shot as Leicester’s best of the day and as a result, the picture will go forward for consideration in the competition against the winners from other walks. Given that there were 59 walks in the UK alone and 1300 worldwide, I don’t hold out much hope. But I’ve already won a book on Lightroom (software I don’t actually have) and that can’t be bad…

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