Walking around my adopted Wrocław with my Nikon F and a roll of T-Max…

Nikon F Kodak TMax
Nikon F Kodak TMax
One of my favourite pieces of public art anywhere. Someone else says:
At the junction of Piłsudskiego and Świdnicka Streets, we come across a group of fourteen life-sized fossilized forms. It is a monument of anonymous passers-by, whose author is Polish artist Jerzy Kalin. Among them, we find people similar to ourselves. There is a man in a hat, a mother pushing a stroller, a man carrying a bicycle inner tube, a woman with an umbrella, an old lady with a bag full of shopping. The cast bronze figures seem to descend below the surface of the sidewalk separating the busy streets and come up on the other side. Seven people stand on one side of the road descending into the sidewalk and seven people ascend from the other side. The people closest to the curb are submerged in the sidewalk to the waist with only their heads and torsos exposed. Other figures are immersed only to the knees, while still others wade only their feet in the concrete slabs. It is an invisible passage, a symbol of the changes that have occurred in Poland between the time of communism and the time of democracy. The bustle of the streets surround – the voices of passers-by, the roar of car engines, the smell of the city. Feelings so similar to those before 1989, and yet still quite different today.
Nikon F Kodak TMax
We come in peace
Nikon F Kodak TMax
Commute happy
Nikon F Kodak TMax 
The underpass near the gallery Dominikanska
    FTMax 339
These paintings are on the rear of a residential block on an island in the middle of the Odra. There are several of these huge paintings on the side of blocks in the city. I’m not sure of the story behind them, who painted them and what the significance of the images are. In this one, the figure on the left is swallowing a key while wearing a dress made of locks. On the right, the bound crow/monkey/man has the words ‘what better place than this’ and ‘what better time than now’ written (in English)… EDIT – I’ve discovered that these works are by an Italian artist called BLU
Nikon F Kodak TMax

Bin happy

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