I got no lips, I got no tongue.

It seems a favourite of photographers to post on ‘what’s in your bag’ threads. This came to mind as I was unpacking the gear I’d taken to Poland last week. So, as I unpacked it, I took a picture or two…

The bag is a Crumpler Pony Box. I bought it after checking the dimensions f their various models and comparing them to the hand luggage maximum on RyanAir flights (the airline we have to use for our trips unfortunately). I shouldn’t have bothered too much seeing the size of some of the things people carry on board.
Anyway, it is a great size and shape. Much better than the old Kata bag I used previously. Plenty of adjustable space, hardwearing and less like a camera bag than most.
Inside was this lot…
So, these threads always have a list of camera geek bits next. Here’s mine:
1966 Nikon F (Photomic T) film camera.
Nikkor 50/1.4 lens
Nikkor 28/2 lens
Nikkor 85/2 lens
1989 LOMO LC-A film camera
2009 Canon 50D digital camera
Canon 17-40 lens
Sigma 10-20 lens
A cheapo Jessops flash gun with Sto-Fen diffuser and cable
A wired shutter release, a kindle and some headphones.
There’ll be a bag full of films, a variety of speeds and colour and black&white and none of them in their boxes. When I finish a film, I grab another out of the bag without selecting the best for the situation or what I might shoot – seems more fun that way…
The pictures taken by this lot on our trip will be appearing in all the usual places as soon as I’ve scanned them all…


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