Good Enough For James Brown…

Kayaking to work tomorrow...

I’ve blogged this before, but almost every item of clothing I wear (that isn’t for work or riding a bike) is made by howies.
It must be about 10 years since I bought my first stuff from them. One of the first things I bought from them was this T-shirt. They printed it because apparently it is something they are able to do in their Cardigan Bay Paradise.
The idea really appealed to me, but given that there aren’t a great number of rivers on my Leicestershire commute, I’ve had to settle for a bike rather than a boat…

…until tomorrow.
We have a team planning day tomorrow that is being held in a hotel whose garden has at the end of it the River Soar. So, it may be a little contrived that I have to drive for 3 miles or so to the get-in point, but from there it’ll be a 45 minute paddle to work.

And back again later.

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