Tying String Between Tin Cans and Pulling It Tight…

Among the films developed earlier in the week was one from the Holga that had been in the camera for a couple of months. The film included this picture of Gosia taken at August’s Leicester Critical Mass Red Carpet Ride. 
Wife, Holga, bike, Critical Mass.

The Holga really is a cheap and nasty camera, but I love the results it (sometimes) produces. This was the first time I’d used it with the equally cheap and equally nasty flash and the effect matches the scene perfectly.

The lack of precision and odd colours produced by Holgas and other toy cameras is something that people (myself included sometimes) spend a lot of time recreating with technology. The Lomo-Fi setting on the Instagram app takes a perfectly good picture taken with hundreds of pounds worth of Apple technology and makes it look like it was taken with a Holga, a cheap Chinese toy. But each to their own…

Speaking of which, here’s another picture for you…

Wife, Holga, bike, Critical Mass.

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