Smooth Solidarity.

More of the same...

October (2011):
commutes by bike 12 (131)
commute distance 310.5 (3597km)
total distance 703.5km (9255km)
commutes by car 7 (39)
turbo sessions 0 (1)
time trials 0 (17)
run 23km (63km)
row 7km (256km)
nights not at home 0 (47)

After yet more days of not feeling well and so lacking the motivation to ride, I’ve ended October having commuted by car 7 times. In February that figure was zero.

Still, the Polish trip has bumped up the mileage for the year for the year and I’d should achieve the 10,000km mark for the second time ever.
I appreciate that this is more than most people, but to put it into context, I was speaking with a rider from another local club who was telling me that he was already past 21,000 and would get to 24,000km+. He had records going back 35 years totalling 800,000km! No wonder, even at 57 years old, he is still kicking my arse on time trials.
Still, a mini-tour over the next couple of days should get me past 9,500km and closer to having a rest at Christmas.

Friday commute home. Lovely...

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