Only A Mother Could Love It.

You may have noticed that it got dark a little earlier on Saturday. That is because I took my new Planet X Exocet frame out of its packaging. The matt carbon finish (no weave; it looks like a lump of pencil lead) with darker grey graphics and black everything else just seems to absorb light.

Planet X Exocet

Once it’s built and ridden a bit (with lights obviously) I’ll let you know how it rides, but initially it looks a very serious bit of kit. The super steep seat angle and low front-end (bearing races are built into the frame to take a few more millimetres off the stack height) give the impression that its design is all about function over form.
First race on it will be in 2 weeks time so I’ll need to get it built and get some miles in the slightly different position before then.

Planet X Exocet

And of course, there’ll be plenty more pictures to follow…

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