Time for another Microadventure.

paddle to the pub
If you read this blog very often you’ll know that I occasionally head off on microadventures. These can be multi-day trips into wild areas, riding my bike to Poland or simply walking to work, going somewhere new for breakfast or even sleeping in the garden.
Each are challenging in their own way. Some physically, some will test motivation and willingness to put up with discomfort and others will test my resistance to having the mickey taken out of me (back to sleeping in the garden!).
The next one trip is likely to test all of these things and more. Steve and I have a plan to kayak, unsupported between Oban and Inverness, some 120 miles carrying everything we need to camp along the route.
To add to the adventure, we’re going to do this in a month’s time, leaving very little opportunity to get my arms and shoulders used to the idea.
Last night we paddled for 12 miles along the River Soar from Mountsorrel to Loughborough and back and I felt it. My arms were complaining still on my ride in to work this morning. 
I’ll get to the gym a couple of times a week for the next few weeks and do some rowing, but otherwise, as usual, I’ll be setting off on another trip only half prepared…
steve leads
Steve on Loch Ericht last year.
We’ll be raising a few quid for LOROS by doing this so let me know if you’d like to give anything to this wonderful cause.


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