Hype Man

Hello everybody – been a while hasn’t it?

Apologies to everyone that gives a damn, but after my ride to Poland, I was intimidated by the task of writing it up. I took notes along the way and took plenty of photographs, but the idea of writing the story of a two week journey just didn’t appeal.

And so it never happened.

And because of that, I’ve left the blog alone since.

On a couple of occasions in this time, people have told me what avid followers they are of this blog. People have quoted back things I’ve written on here or described their favourite photographs. I can’t tell you how special that is, especially when there are so many great blogs and photographers out there and just so much “stuff’ to read, follow, ‘like’ or retweet.

So anyway, enough. Time to get into the habit again. I have so much going on, I should share it.

Riding off into the sunset...

Something I have been doing lately (apart from beginning to use capital letters again) is using Instagram.
Instagram is an iPhone application that takes photos captured with a fantastic piece of modern technology and makes them look like they were taken with a cheap, plastic, ‘toy’ camera.

I like some of the effects that it produces although I also share some of the haters views and see the arguments for getting the most accurate version possible of what is in front of you at that moment.
But I decided to compliment my digital SLR and compact that can give this accuracy with a couple of cameras that don’t; a couple of cameras that produce the effects that Instagram does if you’re very lucky.

Stepping back to film and losing the ability to instantly review the picture you just took is quite odd. As is the whole palaver of taping the back onto a camera to reduce the light leaks and carrying around something as ugly as a Holga.

Time for some REAL Lo-fi... This morning ride has been mostly ActionSampling
Both cameras have had a film through them which have been sent to a couple of developers that offer mail order services (the Holga uses 120 roll film and i didn’t fancy letting Jessops send it to the same place I was going to but charging me a few quid more for the pleasure).
I’ll post up the results when I get them back…


  1. Well, one purpose of photography is to elicit an emotional response from the viewer which may or may not be the same response that the photographer experienced when they made the image in the first place. In my view, if it achieves just that then the photograph has succeeded as an article of art. It certainly worked for the author of your link who's views are very arrogant. He/she certainly wouldn't like the lens-less hole that I've recently been using on my GF1, it must be a real waste of a hi-tech modern day sensor! I'd say you were just being creative. Incidently, I went past K&S the other day at Freemans Common where I used to get all my 120 roll film professionally developed ~ I was shocked to see that it's no longer there.


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