Come As You Are just 2 days away.

Just a couple of days to go and as usual we’re super excited (and a little bit nervous) that so many people have said they’re coming along to Friday’s ride.

It’s funny that we tried to give people free rein with the ‘theme’ for this month’s ride but we’ve had more questions and requests for guidance than ever before.
Just come as you are. However you feel. Come as what represents you. Come as what you’d like to represent. Come in your work clothes. Or your play clothes… Just come. As YOU are!
And hopefully you’ve seen the news that we’re planning a picnic part way around the route. So bring a drink and a sandwich or a barbecue and burgers, whatever you fancy. We’ll stop somewhere along the ride for half an hour before heading into town for our usual clocktower finish.
As usual, we have no idea how this is going to work out, but if it goes even half as well as the previous rides, you know it’ll be the best Friday night of the month.

Friday, 6pm from Curve, Orton Square.

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