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In just 30 days time, Rob and I leave on a bicycle tour that will take us 1250km from Leicester to Sycow in Poland, home of my in-laws. Gosia will fly out and meet us there. We’ll stay for a few days, ride the Wroclaw Critical Mass before flying back. I’ll bring the bike back in the summer when I drive out there.
It’ll be the first long-distance bike tour I’ve done. I have plenty of experience of lightweight camping, bivvying and have been known to ride a bike from time to time.

I’ve borrowed a trailer and have been carting that around as I’ve been racking up mileage in preparation. 2680km so far this year have got me to the point that I now feel ready to go. Fit enough for whatever the elements and the East German roads may have to throw at us.

The last few bits and pieces I needed have now arrived. A Topeak Tourguide barbag and a new, non-knobbly (so less draggy) tyre for the trailer, spare tubes etc. The next couple of weeks will be about stripping the kit list down to the bare minimum and a couple of overnight trips to get used to the whole idea.

I’ll be using the TrackMyTour app and you’ll be able to follow our progress as we make our way east. I’ll post a link to our map before we leave.

I’m getting really excited now about the trip and seeing the family again…

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