Lesta Fiesta

lesta fiesta

To show some solidarity with the riders injured in February’s Porto Alegre Critical Mass and to encompass the spirit of Brazil, we’re bringing a bit of their Carnaval spirit to Leicester…

So, get your whistles out, hit those drums and practice your samba beats for the best cycle party Leicester’s ever seen! Don’t forget your boa, your headdress, your spangles and your shimmer….just leave your inhibitions at home boys and girls – we’re going BRAZILIAAAAAAN!!!

It is sure to be our loudest and most colourful Critical Mass ride to date. This’ll be the sixth time that the ‘two-wheeled charm offensive’ has hit the Leicester streets and shown to the world that cyclists are traffic too. 
It ISN’T a protest. It’s a bunch of people having fun and making a peaceful point – that is that the streets are not just the domain of the car and truck and that they are spaces that should be enjoyed by everyone.
So wear a yellow shirt, find a whistle or a drum and join us in a celebration of cycling and freedom.

Pictures of previous rides are here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?
And the video of last month, just in case you missed it…

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