Leicester Critical Mass – The MASSquerade.

Wow – what a ride! Our first Moist Mass, but still you all turned up and had a good time. Once again there were some fantastic outfits and a really positive buzz about the whole thing.

If you’ve missed out, Critical Mass is a celebration of cycling. It is a way for the bike riding folk of Leicester and the Shire to show that there is an alternative to the car in our city and so on the last Friday of each month we ride from Curve for 3-4 miles around town, enjoying the safety that a large group brings. We show the city that bikes are traffic too.

The level of support we have received from not only pedestrians and other cyclists, but motorists alike has been staggering. The friendly waves, the smiles and positive press have all shown that we’re onto something special here. The city is ready for change.

You don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ to join us. If you own a bike, enjoy the freedom that giving up the car and riding instead gives you then come along.
We’ve themed each ride so far. October had a hallowe’en theme and was the Monster Mass. November’s Mass’Tache raised awareness for the Movember prostate cancer appeal and December saw santas, angels and elves celebrate  Christ-Mass. January’s ride tied in with the comedy festival for Comical Mass before Friday’s MASSquerade. 

We have big plans for the rides this year and aim to make it the biggest Critical Mass in the UK and with the friendliness, good nature and positivity we enjoy on our rides, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. 

Thanks to Iain at Photophinale and Miles for the stills.

For more information search for Critical Mass Leicester on Facebook


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