The MASSquerade – A Final Rallying Call..

Well, in just 24 hours we’ll be drunk/drinking/back home/lost on the ring-road and another Critical Mass will be behind us.

The response to the first 4 (and a 1/2, for those that came to the Greenlight Mass) rides has been extraordinary.
YOUR response has proved that there are a bunch of right-minded people in our city that see there is an alternative to the car and that the streets are not only about motor vehicles, they are a space that we all have a right to and should claim back as ours.

YOU have shown that a point can be made without resorting to antagonistic actions and hostility and that the world isn’t for the toilet just yet because a smile, a hooter and a clown suit might just be powerful enough to win a few hearts and minds.

Click through these and see what YOU have done…

See you tomorrow.

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