Sit right down my wicked son and let me tell you a story…

My first ride of 2011 was another adventure through the snow and ice of Central Poland. It was a beautiful, crisp morning with a solar eclipse to see me off. Compared to last week’s ride in -8 Celsius, today’s -3 was positively balmy…

wioska - ice ride
wioska - ice ride

The roads are suffering from a couple of months of a snow, thaw, freeze cycle that just builds up layer upon layer of ice. Imagine this in the UK? People would be writing to their MP.

wioska - ice ride

There seem to be plenty of marked cycle routes in the area. I just need to find a map showing where they go…

wioska - ice ride

Time to get off and walk…

wioska - ice ride

Most of the pictures that have been taken for this blog and a few I’ve had published in magazines have been taken with my Panasonic Lumix FX-35. I knew carrying it in my hip pocket was a bad a idea and sure enough, when I came off on the ice a few miles into the ride, I landed full on it. The case and screen are scratched and the Crumpler case has yet more battle scars, but the camera still seems to work. In fact, all of the picture in this post (apart from the last one obviously) were taken after I dropped 85 kilos onto it.
The route on


  1. Some nice shots in spite of the damage to the camera.
    I always worry about carrying my camera in my cycle jersey pocket – although when I had a crash that 'broke bones' the camera survived OK. That was a Panasonic too.


  2. the first photo is wicked cool. sorry to hear about your camera, will you be sending it in for repair?! My old cannon has pretty much been to the repar shop (combination of riding, clumpsy and dropping pretty much any devices so much) about 5x. I got a lumix (lx5) for my bday last year and I'm looking fwd the learning urve of it.
    cheers +happy new year


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