My Commuting Year.

For the last few years I have been following Chris’ most excellent lockring.not.included blog.

People often tell me that they admire my commitment to riding, especially through the worst of the weather, but his daily pictures and cataloguing of the changing of the seasons almost always get me wishing that I’d gone further on the way home (or at least used the fixed gear).

Once again, his year’s mileage stats makes mine look pretty pitiful, but here goes…

Total distance: 7487km (4653 miles)
Ridden to work: 148 days
Run to work: 16 days
Car to work: 37 days. Given that I wasn’t allowed to ride a bike for 6 weeks at the start of the year, I’m still pretty please with what I have chalked up, although it will of course be much more next year (as everyone who does this sort of thing says at this time of year).

snow tree


on-one scandal 29er


As I’ve said before, getting up early every morning and riding to work won’t add years to my life, but it certainly adds life to my years…


  1. Found your blog from the Tour de Energy post. I like the season pics. Riding everyday, I too am able to view the seasonal changes in Western Nevada, USA that others drive by too quickly to enjoy. One such seasonal sequence is that of a long tree lined driveway to a farm house very close to my work. From the Fall color changes, to the leafless ice covered branches in Winter, to the first signs of green in the Sping and finally to the shade offered on a hot Summer day, it is a treasure missed by so many and recorded on film by only one. A repeating cycle offered for all to enjoy, but taken for granted by even the owner of that farmhouse.
    As you well know, Ian, it is something only a bicyclist could appreciate. Once the Tour de Energy starts, I'll post the pictures there.


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