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Halloween Critical Mass

Prizes for best-dressed Halloween monster fancy dress & best bike-mounted pumpkin.

City-centre bike ride with graveyard shenanigans… all kinds of people, all kinds of bikes…

Lots of blinkies and bicycle bells – let’s let people know we’re on the road.

Starting here: http://bit.ly/bloD1V

Leicester Critical Mass.
Like it or not, and despite some massive improvements over recent years, Leicester is not a place that springs to mind when you think of cycling friendly cities. Riding around the place can be difficult with awkward one way systems, pedestian only areas and hills, not to mention our fellow road users who often present the biggest threats to our safety.
Despite these challenges, an ever growing number of people are using the humble bicycle for everyday transportation in and around Leicester.

The aim of our group is to encourage more cyclists onto our streets until Leicester gets to the level that London is at now where there are so many cyclists on the roads, that they are just another form of traffic and not an inconvenience or danger. They have reached a ‘Critical Mass’.

So on a monthly basis, we will stage Leicester’s first attempt at a non-confrontational, law-abiding, fun, group bike ride.

Inspired by Critical Masses elsewhere and Skyrides, we’re hoping to make people feel more confident to get out on the roads around Leicester city centre.


The plan for the ride is that our ride leaders will ride at the front and rear of the group. We want everyone to stay together. We’ll go through (green) lights and cross busy roads TOGETHER.

We will be well lit and making plenty of noise with our bells.
We will be law-abiding and polite to other road users, whatever their reaction to and possible provocation of us.
Anyone who doesn’t agree with agenda and fancies picking fights with drivers needs to find another group to ride with because we won’t stand for it.
Cyclists seem to get enough bad press as it is without bringing any upon ourselves.


If this takes off, we hope to hold these rides on a regular basis. We already have plans to ride to the celebration of the life and work of Stewart Charles (Mr Chop) that will be held on December 4th – watch the Leicester Critical Mass group for more details.

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