no one’s first, and you’re next

on monday i’ll ride my bike to work with panniers fitted to carry my shirts for the week
on tuesday i’ll ride a mountain bike in the woods after work
on wednesday i’ll shave my legs
on thursday i’ll race a time trial
on friday i’ll go to the pub after work on my vintage raleigh
on saturday i’ll go for on our club run to the cafe
on sunday i’ll be on the turbo trainer 
or a charity ride 
or a sportif
or at a trail centre
or riding my fixed gear
so what is it with cycling that breeds cliques?
i’m not a roadie, or a racer, or an mtb-er, tourist or hipster.
i’m a cyclist…
we seem to have enough people who don’t like us out there, without falling out with each other…
by the way – i’m rather pleased with my new coffee mug that has a brake lever for a handle!


  1. And, I am now $20 more in the hole… however, while sipping lattes and crying about having no money, my tears will be caught into this amazing mug! Thanx! Bought one, might have to buy two!


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