baltic pine

some of the blogs i follow (especially my friends at rat trap press) have a fantastic knack of reporting local rides that they go on in a way that makes them interesting to other riders, half the world away. local, everyday buildings, roads and fields in fort worth, texas look very different to little old leicestershire!

ride to rutland
our start and finish point. 
ride to rutland
early scenery.
ride to rutland
just like the tour, they’ve been out laying fresh tarmac before the my ride.
ride to rutland
the first sting to the legs is the “belgian-style” frisberg.
ride to rutland
very english.
ride to rutland
there will be roadside temptations.
ride to rutland
the kaff – right next door to rutland cycling.
ride to rutland
england’s largest man-made lake – looking pretty empty just now though.
ride to rutland
more englishness.
ride to rutland
rolling rutland.
ride to rutland
one last climb before home.
ride to rutland
new shoes.
431m climbing.


  1. Fantastic photos as usual. When I imagine the perfect ride in the country, I picture myself riding through scenes like you've just posted.

    By the way, thanks for the complements about my blog.


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