pedal your blues away…

tony martin and me

sunday was my third attempt at beating an hour for a 25 mile time trial.

i failed by 12 seconds!

i’ll be back to try again, but have to admit i was pretty pissed-off to miss by such a small amount.

i’ve entered another in september. it might be time to try ‘training’!

at the weekend, i saw some pictures of contador and schlek’s time trial position overlaid, so i thought i’d compare my position to a specialist time trial professional.
the picture above shows tony martin and me at speed (albeit with me looking down). i was pleased to see how low i was compared to a pro, although tony doesn’t appear to be carrying quite the amount of lard as me.
the main difference seems to be the extremely steep seat post angle that modern time trial bikes have, putting the rider much further forward than us mortals.

thanks to mark pinsent and mark edward for the pictures – hope you don’t mind me nicking them.

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