memphis hip-swinging

10 years ago, i was lucky enough to be following the tour for a week around the south of france.
10 years ago today, i was lucky enough to ride up mont ventoux, just a couple of hours ahead of the race.
the atmosphere was incredible. i was wearing a vitalicio seguros shirt and so was cheered all the way up by spanish supporters.
my brother-in-law, who i was riding with, was on a beautiful mapei-coloured colnago c40 (like this one) and was cheered by the italian and belgian fans.
it was red hot and ventoux was everything i dreamed and feared it would be.
we even met didi the devil on the way up.

then this happened…
i was there

i was there

i was there
it was a day that has assured that i’ll be a cycling fan forever.

One comment

  1. I remember watching that stage on TV. I was visiting my parents and found it was on TV in this tiny little pub called the Hole in the Wa'. It was a fantastic ride by both of them and even though Pantani was the closest I had to a cycling hero, I wished Armstrong had won the stage. The way that stage ended still leaves a bad taste.


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