preaching the converted

most of the people who read my little blog probably already ride bikes. if you don’t, this piece that i prepared as part of a bike to work event last year is especially for you…

do you remember that feeling of freedom you experienced when riding your bike when you were a kid? the feeling of the wind on your face and the road buzzing by beneath you, the smells of cut grass, warm tarmac and wild garlic drifting through the air? did you ever experience coming around a corner on your bike and seeing a fox or a deer by the road, with that split second of startled recognition as your eyes met? or maybe it was a beautiful sunset that you stopped and took the time to watch as the sky change colour from blue through orange and pink. did you ever ride you bicycle all the way across town, further than you’d ever gone before under your own power, exploring strange neighbourhoods as if you were on an expedition?

now here’s cyclists’ big secret: those aren’t just memories, you can have those experiences right now. we bicycle riders have many experiences such as these on a regular basis. all you have to do is get out there and ride your bicycle every day with an attitude of adventure. and there’s no better way to fit this in to your schedule than to ride your bike to work. what else could be simpler and provide such a huge payback in so many ways?
popular panda

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