shopping for kicks, got the weekend to get through

velo-orange fenders
anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds on my blog, blip or flickr photostream will know that i have an on-one il pompino fixed gear. it is the best bike i have ever owned and the thing i have wasted more pixels on than anything else.

well listeners, there has been a development. being assembled right now in our shed is another pompino. this one is metallic chocolate brown and is being built up as a 63inch geared, fixed off-road machine.

oh, and it has a gold groupset!

golden brown
golden brown
golden brown
golden brown
golden brown
lots more to come…

One comment

  1. Nice one! Hope you will tell us the full spec of the bike and show some build-in-progress photo. Keep it up!

    Anyway, you should be an official test rider of On-One/Planet X. You've got a serious collection of their bikes. If I were them I wouldn't miss a chance to offer you a contract.


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