ready to go

tomorrow, ted an i set off on our microadventure to bivvy our way around the leicestershire round over the long weekend.
click on the picture to see the version on flickr with my stuff tagged. it adds up to 17 kilos to cart around.

the route we’re taking is shown below;
– thursday evening’s 13 mile leg-stretcher in red goes from the top of old john to thrussington through the soar valley and over into the the wreake valley,
– the greeny/yellow leg is friday, taking us from thrussington, via burrough hill and the rolling hills of rutland to the langtons.
– the big day is saturday. 35 miles across south leicestershire via foxton locks, ending at the field formerly known as bosworth battlefield.
– sunday is just 20-odd miles back via thornton and markfield to finish again on old john in time for sunday lunch in the pub
the route


  1. Good luck (not that you need it) – fine strapping boys that you are! Back for Sunday lunch though? Are you running the last twenty miles or does the pub do late lunches?


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