little old me…

further to my post about being featured in various places on the web, an old and rather attractive picture of me has been posted by simon lamb over on his excellent blog, la gazzetta della bici

it reminds me that i must try and get over to my mum’s and check her loft for any of my old cycling kit. i’m sure the jerseys are long gone, but i’d kill for my sidi shoes. they were 3rd or 4th hand but were just like the pros wore, with large sidi logos on the sides of the heels. they were therefore the coolest thing imaginable for a 14 year old cycling fan.

in other news, after posting all those photos of my pompino this morning, i went and changed it this afternoon. i rode it across to watch paris-roubaix and decided that it was just too short. so the stem, bars and saddle have been pilfered from the box of bianchi bits and pressed into service on the pompino – the fifth different bar configuration, but the first time it has had standard drops on it.
pompino update
many, many more photos to follow…

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