this is the top of a bush (and its reflection) that grows on the shore of the reservoir at the end of our street. for 8-9 months of the years it is clear of the water, but at this time of year it is almost completely submerged.
the girls and i went for a walk today and before we set off, we traced our route on google earth. i pointed out the bush that on the sattelite image was in full leaf and clear of the water and told the girls that when we saw it, we’d just see the top.
the water was so still today that it appears, as you can see, to be a root-less ball of bush, suspended in the water – most peculiar.
the bigger picture
we stopped for lunch and had the usual routine of checking ella’s blood-sugar levels first. they were low and stupidly i had forgotten to bring any of the usual remedies to boost her levels.
we ended up calling for gosia to fetch us. i could tell that ella was uncomfortable with this, feeling guilty for us having to cut our walk short.

i am so proud of how she has handled being told that she is diabetic. she has been so grown up about it all.

p.s. at this time tomorrow, i’ll be shaking off the effects of a general anaesthetic and moving very carefully…

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