ressy light paint
this is the overflow from cropston reservoir. after prolonged heavy rain, or a period of severn trent not taking water from the reservoir, the level rises to the point that water will flow down these steps and off along a stream.
it makes a great sound. a gentle hiss of running water.
ressy light paint
as i rode past this morning, i heard the hiss. i turned around and parked my bike. i jumped over the fence and went down for a closer look.
i had been looking for a subject to attempt to light paint that wasn’t a bike, so i got to work.
ressy light paint
the point and shoot did a decent job, but i knew i’d have to go back this evening and get a couple of pictures with my ‘big’ camera and a proper tripod.
ressy light paint
i’m fairly pleased with the results, but still have some way to go before i perfect the technique – like this bloke

more pictures over on flickr

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