after a couple of weeks of riding in ice and through snow, the temperature has now risen and thawed it all out. this has coincided with a couple of days of heavy rain.

the result is flooded roads and rivers expanding out across fields.
this picture was taken one hundred meters or so into this particular flood. cars were turning around but because i was near the end of my ride, and couldn’t be arsed with the extra miles to go around, i decided to go for it…

at its deepest it was about up to the bottom bracket. it did a good job of cleaning the accumulated road salt off.

the other thing that has happened during the ‘big freeze’ is that the ice has got into the road surfaces and expanded as it has frozen. this has ripped pot-holes into the surface of the road, spewing grit and gravel all over.
not great riding conditions then but who cares? IT WAS IN DAYLIGHT!

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