i rode today for the first time in two weeks and felt surprisingly strong. i haven’t moved far since i got back though!

the picture is of my off-road night riding light. it is an infamous cateye stadium. infamous because when they were introduced, the technology was new. no-one had seen such performance for a bike light. it was the equivalent to four of the brightest lights around at the time. they were almost too bright, robbing the rider of the special sensation of riding fast through the woods and only being able to see a limited distance in front. stadiums and their hid technology changed all that. no-one could ride in front of you if you were using one as all they’d see is their own shadow.
but then bulbs began to blow and it became apparent that cat-eye, the largest manufacturer of bike light in the world had overlooked the fact that you couldn’t get spares. so if the bulb went pop, it was a £300 light system down the toilet (probably not the recommended disposal method).

i got mine second hand and i’ve reached the point now where i have had my value from it. so if it does go bang next time i turn it on, i won’t be quite so pissed off.

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