new boots and panties

new boots and panties
i can’t help it looking all arty and that. it’s a 50mm lens at f1.8…

life is pretty crazy at the moment.
i have what should be a sedentary, office based job. but i am crazy busy. i haven’t had a minute today. 13 hours of non-stop madness…
i thought that i have been busy before but never like this – it is busy to a whole new level
what amplifies this feeling is that the things i am dealing with are so huge.
i am making decisions and judgements that will effect people’s lives. one wrong keystoke here and someone’s performance assessment will be a fraction lower and they’ll be out of a job.
some of these people are friends
some i have known for 18 years!
but their life, their future, the future of their families and children are all in my hands.
one extra coffee/chunky kitkat and the caffiene/sugar rush could have someone on the dole…

my friends polish beer, pinot noir and single malt are helping me through it*

*i should point out that they are helping me at home and not at work!

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